Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy News

Whixall Chapelry, Shropshire, England

Good news comes in threes.
  • First good news: I had a new hard drive installed in my computer.
  • Second good news: I found my camera which had been lost for over a month. (It was under the front passenger seat of our car. Three of us had looked there twice each. The third time for me was the charm.)
  • Third good news: I found a CD back-up of files which I made in February 2009. Thousands of names have now been restored to my PAFs. Thousands of photos have now been restored to my photo files. My computer seems like it's mine again.
It's been a good week.

Speaking of things which were lost---

In 1998, my husband and I spent several hours driving around Shropshire, England trying to find the above Chapelry without luck. My great grandmother was christened there in 1856. It meant a lot to me to find the church.

My GGrandmother, Mary Ann Holding

Mary Ann's parents were from Prees parish in Shropshire which we found without a hitch. According to our map Whixall was just around the bend. Well, we went round several bends, trying to see over the hedgerows, but never found Whixall.

Surprisingly, when I found the photo of Whixall on the Shropshire Family History site, it looks to be out in the open without any hedgerows! We definitely went on a wild goose chase that day in 1998.

With the miracle of technology, I can visit the parishes of my ancestors online. Granted, it's not as fun as being there. I'm not tasting the fish 'n chips or bread pudding, feeling the rain "bucketing down", or sleeping in 400 year old inns, but I can visit England anytime I want from the comfort of my LaZBoy.

Now where did I put my Mouse??

What have you lost?