Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks Linda and Judy!

After months of wondering whether I should continue to blog, I opened my site today to find this cute award--"One Lovely Blog Award"--not just from one person but two.

Linda at Flipside and Judy at Genealogy Traces mentioned me on their blogs. I am honored and heartened to know that someone reads what I write---even if I don't get comments! I am encouraged and will continue to blog.

Of course, the idea behind presenting the award is to pass on the encouragement by awarding seven deserving blogs.
I could nominate dozens, but here are the seven I picked for the "One Lovely Blog Award":

Sherie at Sher-ing Time

Kate at Kate's Plate

None of the above are genealogy blogs per se, but all are worth a look and a read.

Thanks again Linda and Judy.


Travelin'Oma said...

I appreciate your lovely blog, and the lovely blog award you just passed on to me.

Your stitches are inspirational!

Liv @ One Year of Beauty said...

Thanks so much for the award - what a cool idea and a great way to encourage more loveliness in the world! :) I will certainly pass it on!

lindalee said...

There are days that I wonder about my blogging ability. Don't stop. I enjoy reading your stories, PLUS your banner is beautiful!

PI said...

Thank you - that is very sweet of you and I see I'm in great cfenerogompany.

andrea said...

Thanks, OG. What a treat! And I love the way you've 'stitched together' the theme of your blog. So clever!

KM said...

oh gosh I am flattered. thank you ever so much! Of course keep blogging Sheri!!! I never get comments on my cooking blog either if it's any consolation, but I do it because it's fun for me and whether or not anyone reads it is well, NOT MY PROBLEM!!! You have a wonderful blog going here- please keep it up!!!

Thank you for the award--- very kind. I also loved the Dash post. Sure gives me a lot to sleep on tonight!

Keri(th) said...

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today! Extremely thoughtful of you to think of the simple folk (referencing only myself here!). I too have contemplated throwing in the blogger towel from time to time. I don't usually have anything of great significance to share like the rest of you wonderful gals, but in the end it's far too therapeutic for me to give up.

I would simply die if you left blogger world! I love reading your wonderful stories (even if only from bloglines lately), and I always leave feeling empowered with a newly acquired knowledge of life and humanity!

Olive's Granddaughter said...

To Everyone--You are all wonderful. Thanks for the encouragement!

Marty- You know how much I love you and your comments.

Liv- You inspire me.

Lindalee- Though you are new on my list, you are becoming a favorite.

Pat- Your blog makes me feel close to the U.K. and you have such a unique perspective.

Andrea- Your artwork inspires and lifts me. As a wannabe artist, your blog helps me stay plugged in to the art world.

Kate- You know how much I love ya, baby! Someday I'll even try your recipes.

Keri(th)- I've truly missed your blogs! You always make me laugh at everyday things. Please come back to the blog world.

gramakas said...

Thank you so much for the fun surprise I found in my comments this morning! I'm a little behind since I have been on "grandma duty" for a few days. You are too kind. I think this blog of yours here is such a sweet and tender "quilting project". I need to stitch together more stories like these then the ones that I do... but both kinds are family heirlooms to be sure!